Natural Healing

Natural Healing 1.0

Here's an encyclopaedia of natural remedies with over 250 entries


  • Comprehensive list of remedies and yoga positions specific for each disease


  • Contents not well structured and poor GUI

Not bad

I was at first intrigued by the name of this application, hoping to find many useful information and advices on how to conduct a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this program doesn’t include much in the way of multimedia and it’s nothing more than a basic database of text contents.

The general graphics of Natural Healing have clearly not been designed to be in any way relaxing and the way topics are organised is also unclear.

In the shareware version though, you are not able to read that much of the contents, as you will often find a message telling you to register instead of leaving you trying the database to see if it’s worth buying it.

The only section I have found of useful was the ‘Afflictions’ one, where you have a list of diseases in alphabetical order with their definitions at the bottom and on the side, offering interesting information about herbal remedies and Vitamins/Minerals you can take, and also a Homeopathy, Pharmaceutical and ‘grandmother’ section to know every possible cure method available.

The program also suggests you yoga positions that are supposed to help in certain conditions. Again, it would have been much more useful if it had showed also how do practice these yoga exercises, otherwise you are left with nothing but a name.

Natural Healing is an encyclopaedia of natural remedies which can come handy if you don’t have an internet connection available.

Unfortunately, it could have been a great resource with images, videos and animation; instead it’s no more than a textual database of illness and remedies.

natural healing software includes a large Afflictions database (over 250 entries) with natural remedies: herbal, nutritional, homeopathic. Databases and information on: tonics, phytochemicals, parasites, medicine cabinet, poisons/antidotes, rejuvenation, immune-system, and color therapy with auto-suggestions.

Natural Healing


Natural Healing 1.0

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